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Diving Jobs On Oil Rigs

Although you are an excellent diver with exceptional skills, you must be aware of the fact that diving jobs on oil rigs are some of the most dangerous jobs due to working conditions offshore. However, these jobs on oil rigs are also some of the most rewarding ones. Click Here

For some time now, you have been considering working on oil rigs because it is a way of getting financial satisfaction, as well as professional development.

How To Get Diving Jobs On Oil Rigs

To get the best paid diving jobs on oil rigs, you need to prove your diving skills. The lowest diving Diving Jobs On Oil Rigscertification should be enough for entry level jobs, but if you want to get more money, you need to have a commercial diving school certification. This way, the employer will be sure you are suitable for the job, as the company will need a highly qualified diver for extreme situations.

Difficult weather conditions, dangerous gas mixes, unreachable spots, underwater welding, drilling, fixing or inspecting pipelines are some of these situations when you have to prove technical diving skills and best physical shape, both for your own safety and for the others’. You will be traveling a lot to oil rigs where you will be needed, and you will be working hard in the deepest waters, no matter the hours.

Diving jobs on oil rigs are adventurous and challenging. You will feel the excitement of all your actions, but they are also dangerous and quite tiring. As a commercial diver, you will be installing, uninstalling, repairing, or testing the equipment on the rig, with the use of some specific tools. You may need to work with explosives, and you may also have to take underwater photos.

What Are The Actual Tasks And Duties For Diving Jobs On Oil Rigs?

As a diver on an oil rig, it is your job to:

  • properly use, check and maintain the diving equipment;
  • know and use the communication lines according to specified conditions;
  • use, clean and repair the underwater equipment correctly in order to ensure the normal course of the activities carried out on the rig;
  • carry out tests on a regular basis to check for the safety of the equipment and structure;
  • help other divers in search and rescue operations;
  • investigate underwater structures by using specific equipment;
  • conduct cleanup activities;
  • perform underwater surveillance;
  • prepare diving expeditions in the most appropriate terms and conditions;
  • perform underwater demolitions safely;
  • take care of the environment, by removing polluting elements from the waters;
  • train other divers;
  • organize and supervise recreational activities.

How To Apply For Diving Jobs On Oil Rigs

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do as a diver, and you need to know them all should you decide to apply for the job. There are a lot of oil companies that are looking for commercial divers for various projects on offshore exploration. You just need to fill out an application form for diving jobs on oil rigs and convince the employers that you are what they need Click Here.

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