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Chef Jobs On Oil Rigs

If you are looking for chef jobs on oil rigs, you should contact the catering department of oil Chef Jobs On Oil Rigscompanies. They deal with food service and cleaning.  You might be interested in the duties you have while working some of the highest paid jobs on oil rigs positions, because there are some essential differences as compared to the same work on land. Click Here

Why You Might Want To Consider The Chef Jobs On Oil Rigs

Chef jobs on oil rigs give you the opportunity of doing something you like a lot, like surprising the others with different and original dishes, and getting extremely well paid for this. It is not easy to cook for more that one hundred workers on an oil rig, and, of course, the working conditions are a lot different from what you are used to, but this could be the experience of a lifetime that could bring immense satisfaction.

When we talk about offshore catering jobs, in fact, we are referring to cooks and assistant cooks, chefs, bakers, stewards, housekeepers and galley hands.  These jobs involve more individual work, and it is more about managing more duties altogether like cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. You will not have many assistants to help you, and it will not be easy to prepare food for all working personnel on the rig.

What Do You Need To Know About The Chef Jobs On Oil Rigs?

  • If you have enough onshore experience in the same domain, it is easier to find a job offshore;
  • You need to be ready to change your lifestyle in order to adapt to new situations and working conditions;
  • Your activity will depend on how big the rig is, because this will determine the number of the persons you will have to cook for;
  • This is an extremely valuable starting point if you are planning to make a career in the oil industry.

In most cases, you will not need courses to get hired. However, it will be easier if you:

  • have previously worked as a chef onshore or offshore, have some experience in the hotel management or have commercial cookery certificates.
  • have some certifications like First Aid, Offshore Survival Training or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training;
  • have a strong resume.

 What Are The Required Duties Of Chef Jobs On Oil Rigs?

 The oil rig chef has to:

§  plan menus and efficiently manage the catering services according to quality and quantity principles;

§  keep records of food orders and stocks;

§  administrate the budget;

§  plan personnel shifts;

§  ensure that hygiene standards are respected when food is prepared and presented;

§  handle delicate situations like complaints or abnormal situations;

§  respect the environment by handling waste and trash with responsibility;

§  ensure that the kitchen and the areas where food is prepared and stored are clean;

§  respect the company policies regarding the safety of the personnel.

The offshore working conditions are quite different from the ones you might be used to while working on land. The twelve-hour shifts, the fact that you can not have days off for months and the potentially dangerous oil installation can be quite scary for people who are not used to these new situations. However, if you are trying to build a career in the oil industry, chef jobs on oil rigs may just be the starting point for you, so this is worth trying Click Here.

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